Night On the Town


Laura Garcia Cannon

Boy we had a pretty exciting weekend, went to the Northern California Emmy Awards at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts where NBC11 picked up 14 Emmy Awards over all! I am always so proud of our morning team who picked up the Best Daytime Newscast award. I was really excited to win for the 10am newscast with Brent, Mike Inouye, Lisa Bernard, Craig Herrera, and Kellie Onaga, and our former producer and good friend Kristi Lawley who flew in from Denver for the event. She gave up the not so glamorous world of tv news to be a full time Mom.. she deserves a gold statue just for taking on the hardest job in the world!! Oh yeah and I was really excited to win a statuette for a story I did on De Marillac Academy in San Francisco. The only private Lasallian school in the Tenderloin reaching out to underprivileged kids. What a difference they are making to lives there!

I didn’t mean to go on and on about the awards, but it kind of leads up to what I really wanted to blog about, my dog! Ha Ha. I know every other blog is about our dog Chip, but this is kind of funny. You see, when we were heading up to San Francisco, we wanted to make a night of it and knew we’d be out for the Emmy event which is traditionally very very long. We didn’t want to leave Chip in a hotel room by himself, and he’s still too little to be left at home (ok and a little to destructive or maybe a better word is unpredictable..) so we checked him into that brand new San Francisco Wag Hotel. Oh my gosh this place is awesome! Controlled filtered air is flushed into the place every so often, the pets sleep on plush down-like pillows, some even have plasma TVs in their rooms!! Brent almost just stayed too – ha ha… Chip went to a few playtimes and walked up on the roof of the building on 14th and Harrison which is covered in artificial turf. It gives the dogs fresh air while protecting them from the wild city streets of SF. Every dog bowl is sanitized, there’s a swimming pool, massage therapists, even blueberry facials for the dogs! Chip didn’t go for that, just a lot of playtime and pampering. It was surprising he even came back home with us when we picked him up!! Anyway, it’s 4 paws up from Chip Cannon… I see another night out in our agenda soon…

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


One Response to “Night On the Town”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to know why Jason Lawley was not mention in your blog. After all, he is Kristie’s husband and is responsible for everything! Just kidding. Jason is my co-worker.

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