Party Planning


Laura Garcia Cannon

Remember when you were 6? It’s a long time ago for me, but I got to relive some of those childhood memories at my nephew’s recent birthday party. My sister called me to ask if I could help her out. I was quickly put in charge of ‘entertainment’ for a pack of 5-6 year olds. All boys. All charged up with energy and ready to go. Boy do you have to be prepared! As soon as one game was over, I had to have another waiting in the wings. I decided to incorporate some old games, with modern twists… instead of pin the tail on the donkey, it was put the sticker on the superhero and the one with the most points wins. The thing about this group of little boys, everyone was a winner. They didn’t really care who won, they were just ready to play, and play and play and play… oh my gosh did I have to keep the entertainment moving!! We were barely done with tossing a “hot potato” (which was really a water balloon) when we had to move on to the egg walk (which ended with one little boy randomly handing me an egg yoke and saying “I’m done with this” – “Oh thanks” I said, not really expecting anyone to actually EAT the eggs we were playing with!) We had a piñata, (which I was sure someone was going to get smacked in the head as they ran for the candy so we had to keep the kids at bay- oh that’s easy) A hidden treasure hunt – (of which they started finding the stuff before the party even started!) They were just on high octane and sugary cake running around and around. So, I kept them running – playing baseball, dodge ball, you name – it – ball! In all – I think they did have a ball, and all probably slept really well that night. I know I did! As soon as the party was over and we cleaned up a bit, hot dog buns found strewn below the table, a little left over cake here, gum wrapper there, the best find of all, was the ear to ear grin on my little nephew, Matthew. He had a great time, and although exhausted, so did I… I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but I’m glad I have a year to recover!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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