Where the Laughs Come From


Pandy ArrietaThe Director is yelling, “Whats wrong with Laura?!!! She’s crying! Somebody please tell me whats going on!”

On headsets I say, “Shes laughing Ken, and she can’t stop!” Hi…my name is Pandy and I’m the weekday Stage Manager.

Behind the scenes is a whole different show that I wish we could record for you, but we can’t! Apparently, during a pre-recorded taped story Brent conveyed something hilarious to Laura that set her off laughing and she just lost it. She reached into Brent’s jacket pocket to grab a tissue but his pocket was bare. This set her off laughing again. As soon as the mics were muted for the commercial break, the studio floor exploded with laughter. One of the hardest parts of my job is being quiet…very quiet! I am, however, allowed to laugh out loud when we’re on air if I find something humorous. So, if you were wondering who that is laughing in the background…it’s me.

I always marvel at the ability Brent and Laura have to be able to work so closely together day after day and yet still act like Honeymooners. Even more amazing is that they are about to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary and they are still best friends…you can just tell! It’s quite an inspiration to watch them as they show how wonderful being with the right person really can be.

So many funny things happen behind the scenes during our show that it makes it hard to take a day off…I don’t want to miss anything! I’ve never had a job before that I missed when on vacation! I feel so fortunate being part of the behind the scenes team because I get to work with some of the smartest, funniest, creative, & caring people on the planet (Brent being one of the funniest). I get to park my car in the morning and without leaving my spot, travel around the world every day. I learn so much about so many different things it never gets boring on the floor!

It’s truly a team effort between Production and News producing our on air content, be it News or a Community show. Recently our 10am newscast won an Emmy. News was front and center proudly posing with their trophies, while Production quietly watched the celebrations after the fact with an extreme amount of pride. Thank you for watching us and giving us the chance to do the jobs we love while bringing you the news you want to know.

Until next time that’s a wrap!

Pandy Arrieta
NBC11 Stage Manager


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