I Hope I Don’t Get Carded


Mike Inouye

Okay, I’m pretty old to get “carded” for ID when ordering wine at the restaurant but this is a different issue… Tonight is an event held in connection with the Alameda County Library Foundation. It’s a fundraiser kickoff and I’m honored to have been asked to emcee the evening. This group is responsible for getting the necessary funds to all the library agencies throughout Alameda County, including services such as Adult Literacy, Homework Help and even literacy/life skills services for those held in county jails. (You gotta check out this blog site maintained by the “Librarians serving those serving time.”)

Now, the emcee part of the evening is sure to be fun, no stress there.

The entertainment lineup looks to be interesting and I have no doubt the event will end way too soon.

The stress, though, is because I don’t actually have a library card.

Before you get all in a huff about that, please realize that I used to frequent the book stacks pretty often. In fact, I love hanging out at books stores and always have. Admittedly, though, I’d not set foot in a library for years. That changed, as most things do, with our baby.

My wife has a library card and we’ve taken our 17-month-old to the library a number of times. He can’t read yet but he loves the stacks and having the same book read to him time and time again.

Don’t believe me? We currently have “Busy Penguins” on loan. It discusses “penguins meeting, penguins greeting, penguins bumping, penguins jumping…” you get the idea.

I have my completed library card request form and will be getting it shortly. Until then, and especially at tonight’s event, I just hope they don’t card me…

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


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