Unexpected Calls

Brent Cannon

I checked out the new Apple iPhone the other day. My nephew begged me to take him to the Apple store. We went, and it was packed with people. A table they usually have setup with various products on display, was completely dedicated to iPhones. I have to admit, the phones are pretty cool. The touch screen and scrolling is amazing. The phone has everything from a simple calculator to a direct link to YouTube and the stock markets. The next thing I know, my nephew is surfing the net. I guess the display phones are fully functional – not just some sort of mock up for display.

So – he then tries to make a phone call – and it works! And he starts taking pictures of me etc. I was amazed at what it must cost Apple to have about a dozen phones per store totally wired and fully functional. Too bad I don’t know anybody in Zimbabwe. I could have called for free. But then I started to worry about my personal info now being on the phone. A little voice inside my head told me to get the phone my nephew was on and delete everything. But I didn’t. We just left. Well, later that day I started getting calls from strangers at the Apple store – calling the numbers on the display phone – and they got mine! I knew it! So, have fun checking the new phones out – but be careful. They are really up and running, and that means your personal info and images are on them available for all to access.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


One Response to “Unexpected Calls”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi! My name is SaSa D. I’m trying to get a NBC coffee cup. How much are you selling tham for?

    Wandering SASA

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