Consistency… for the Kid’s Sake


Mike InouyeHaving just passed his year and a half mark, my son is now starting to exercise his opinion as well as push some limits and boundaries. It’s neat to see but is also where we enter the realm of discipline. One of the big issues my wife and I hear about is “consistency” as shown by the parents individually and as a unit.

For the most part, we’re able to come to a common policy but there has been one issue that we’re toiling with. It’s probably because we’re letting outside opinion influence us a little too much but it’s made worse by the fact that it dredged up an old, unresolved issue from my past.

What kind of “spider went up the water spout?” Think about it before reading on…

((thoughtful pause))

Most of us know the tune but the lyrics are not as consistent as one might assume. I had this debate/discussion with my officemates nearly 10 years ago in Southern California and recently brought it out up here again.

Nearly all answers given (regardless of spelling) have revolved around two main options:

1. itsy bitsy spider
2. eensy weensy spider

Like an overwhelming majority of my colleagues here, you may feel that it is without a doubt option #1. Some say it’s not even an “option” situation.

I have long thought it was option #2 and was beginning to believe I stood alone until I took it to the web.

A search for both “itsy bitsy spider” and “eensy weensy spider” yields a myriad of interesting sites but here is one which mentions BOTH.

Check out this page from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) ((ahem…)) one of the National Institutes of Health. (Yeah, that’s right… I cited a reference with a “.gov” at the end of it!)

Some comments note an “American” and a “UK” version of the rhyme/song. A few people suggest that “itsy bitsy” supporters are just confused, mixing things up with the song about the “yellow polka dot bikini”.

I thought I’d try to find the author for the original version but no luck.

I did have a single survey participant who thought it was “eensy teensy spider”… all others are in agreement that he’s HORRIBLY mistaken. In fact, even he doubted it was correct.

We want the kid to be familiar with a number of languages so, maybe we’ll just go with the Spanish version… “La Araña Pequeñita” as suggested by our Kris Sanchez.

Many chat boards have long trains of discussion on this topic. I would love to hear your take. Leave me a comment, send me a message. I don’t mind if it’s a long one, or an itsy bitsy, eensy weensy one. 😉

Whatever the case, we need to be consistent.

Besides, it might come up on the new NBC hit show “The Singing Bee”

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


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