Tick Talk


Brent Cannon

You might remember Chip – our little Yorkie who keeps Laura and I busy, and somehow gets more TV time than many reporters. Well, Chip just turned one year old, and since he still has a lot of puppy energy, Laura and I take him on a daily walk to wear him out so we can get some sleep when it’s bedtime.

Anyway – I was playing with Chip after a recent walk, when I felt something on my leg. I looked down and found a tick! It must have been on Chip, and then got on me.

A few days later, Laura was brushing him and found another. So, now we are on tick alert. The other day, I was in the kitchen and Laura started yelling for me in the living room. I came out, and she had Chip pinned down, and there on his cheek was a big, fat, puffy tick – his nasty little viper head burrowed into Chip. We got online to see how to get the little monster off. We got tweezers and began pulling. Chip was a real sport and held still. But the tick would not come off, and I wanted him – head and all. I even burned a match near him. He squirmed, but stayed rooted in. Finally, Laura got a good grip and got him.

We decided to call our vet to make sure Chip would be ok. It appeared we got the tick’s head – which is key. The vet asked us to check the tick’s color. A nice brown color is probably no big deal. But if the tick is more of a blue grey color, he might be infected.

Chip had a puffy red mark where the tick was. The vet said to put a little Neosporin on it. He said we might notice a difference in as little as half an hour. If the redness got worse or spread – or if Chip began looking like he didn’t feel well, bring him in. But within 20 minutes it was already looking better.

The weird thing is – we did not take Chip to any open space, field or wooded area. We were on sidewalks in our neighborhood. He likes to stick his head in bushes and sniff. That must be when the ticks get on him. We have since talked with a neighbor who also said they have a tick problem with their dog. We are looking into doggie tick medication you can give your dog that keeps the ticks from burrowing in.

I don’t know if there are any more ticks this year than usual. It just seems we have found more than ever. And I figure if it can happen to us in a residential area – it can happen to other people too. So a heads up to check your pets – and yourself for that matter! Nasty things, ticks.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


3 Responses to “Tick Talk”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    About 15 years ago, I had a terrier mix. We lived in a vineyard, so he was always getting into bushes, weeds, etc. While bathing him on a Memorial Day weekend, I got bit by a massive tick. This was during the whole “rocky mountain spotted fever” tick watch and I was worried. Even though my “Pecos Bill” was thick skinned with these pest, I wasn’t and two hours later, I was sitting at the ER with a swollen leg. YIKES! After an injection to numb the pain (I needed an injection for this injection OUCH!), the doctor lanced this huge red bump, and I was sent home with medication and a huge bill. Medication for dogs today is fairly safe. We had our late Doberman on a once a month medication that not only killed fleas, ticks (as I’m now allergic to them) and mosquitos for those trips when we visited our relatives in the Central Valley. The medication is worth investing in for your pup AND you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Brent
    I want to let you know how much I enjoy the morning news while I am getting ready for work.I think you and Laura are so cute together and a good example for your marrieds.And everyone seems like one big happy family. i don’t like any ohter news shows you are all the best
    I was just wondering how you and Laura can have a dog when you both work the same hours.I want a Yorkie so bad but am gone all day for work. How do you manage or do you have a dog sitter?
    Thank you for your time,

  3. Laura Garcia Cannon Says:

    Thanks for writing! It’s always great to hear from our viewers and blog readers! We’ve since put Chip on a monthly anti-tick medicine. It has eliminated the problem. Most of our neighbors did the same thing and say the ticks took a licking!
    As for little Chip on his own when we’re gone .. we have a great friend and neighbor who checks in on him and takes him for walks. We really wish we could bring him in and have him roam the long hallways of NBC11, when he gets tired no doubt he would be on my lap on set sleeping while we were doing the news! Wouldn’t that be funny to see? I could picture him walking in on Craig doing weather too! Maybe I’ll sneak him in! Laura

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