The summer I got stung by a wasp & my sister tried to make a game out of it


Laura Garcia Cannon

Before I even begin the story, I have to explain my older sister, Cindy. She and I are very close. Probably because we were so close as kids. We shared a room, shared a bathroom, shared records and toys and mainly shared a lot of laughs and creativity in our play. I always loved being by “Cinny” as I called her when I was too little to even pronounce her name. I wanted to dress like her (as I could show you, but won’t, our many matching outfits our Mom hand sewed for us – maybe in a future blog, they are quite funny).

Well, one summer when our cousins Jimmy and Anamarie were visiting, we were all outside playing on our swing set. “Cinny” came up with the clever idea of running a garden hose through the top of the swing so that we could be cascaded in a light waterfall while enjoying the to and fro joy of riding on a plank of plastic suspended by chain. In other words, she just wanted to get us wet! Well, she succeeded in her plan, along with dousing the hive of wasps that had nested (unbeknown to us) inside the metal tube of the swing! They came out swarming mad! While all of us scattered they decided to target the short little one with glasses = ME! They stung pretty hard and pretty fast. My scrawny arms swelled beat red. But, “Cinny,” in her ever so fun and positive demeanor declared, “Hey, I’m a nurse and you are now my patient!” After smearing baking soda paste on my bites, she and Anamarie proceeded to wrap Jimmy and I (could you tell we were the younger ones?) with toilet paper arm casts, leg casts and head wraps. As you can see by this photo I even got a taped up nose! Notice Cinny made herself a snappy little nurses gown complete with a red cross hat.

But look closer, see if you notice one of these things is not like the other. Look at our expressions. Cinny is the tallest, smiling. Anamarie, sweet Anamarie, smiling. Jimmy, cute as a button, smiling. Laura? Not so much. My arm was killing me!! I just got attacked by wasps!

I can look back now and laugh, and thank goodness I have this picture. It really tells a thousand words. Cinny, you’re the best.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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