A Bug Free Blog Entry


Scott McGrew

If you look below, you will see that in the past few days, Laura has blogged about wasps, Brent blogged about ticks, Mike chose spiders and Shan went with bees. I did not get the “please blog about bugs” memo, so I thought I would give you some travel recommendations.

I’ve been a resident of California for about a decade now, and you’d think I know my way around the state by now, but frankly the Bay Area is so interesting that I don’t see much outside of it. So I had never been to, or even heard of Clear Lake ’til just a couple of weeks ago.Clear Lake, for those of you as geographically ignorant as I am, is north of the Bay Area in (surprise!) Lake County. It’s the largest freshwater lake in California. I took my parents, wife and kids up to the lake not knowing anything about it other than what I had read in the always dependable Sunset Magazine. As usual, Sunset’s recommendations were spot on.

my mother, quite certain we will all meet our doom on the boat

We stayed at the Tallman Hotel, a upscale boutique hotel in Upper Lake California, a town that appears to have about 10 people in it. The hotel is first class, and has my top recommendation. Follow the link for more.And then we rented a boat from On the Waterfront; a big 17 foot speedboat. Which is particularly remarkable for me – I know nothing about boats and my parents are from the midwest and are largely terrified of them. But all went well. We even did a little inner-tubing. And lots of fishing.

Zachary, age 12, ready to tube

Couple of tips before you go: make sure to take water or sodas with you on the boat – it’s a bummer to be halfway across that giant lake and be thirsty. Clear Lake can get very hot in the summer, so hat and sunscreen are a must. Stay away from Konocti, particularly if you are travelling with older people or small children – the crowd there was very “spirited” in my mother’s words. Spirits, and large quantities of them, seemed to indeed be the problem with the people we ran into there (nearly literally – they were not very good boat drivers). That part of the lake is also much choppier than the northern end. Bring a fishing pole — Clear Lake is apparently the best fishing in California. Eat several meals at the Blue Wing Saloon, connected right there with the Tallman. The Ciago Winery. You can tie your boat up right at the dock.
There’s no story here — no one was attacked by any sort of bug, and the boat did not sink. I just thought if you’re reading this and were thinking about taking the family somewhere for a long weekend, Clear Lake, the Tallman and On the Waterfront were all so above expectations that I thought I would pass them on.

Scott McGrew
NBC11 Business & Tech Reporter


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