Summer Memories


Laura Garcia Cannon

Lately, I’ve felt a bit guilty calling home. While I’ve been enjoying the delightful 75-80 degree Bay Area weather, my parents are sweltering in the summer heat of the Central Valley. 100 plus days are normal there, but as a kid on summer break, you’d never seem to notice. A good slip n’ slide in the backyard that would flood and ruin your fathers lawn did the trick of cooling you off. Or maybe a few water balloons perfectly aimed at each other. I’d also enjoy my own personal breeze I’d create, riding my Schwinn bike to the corner market to get an ice cold Missile Pop that would stain my lips blue.

One of my fondest memories of summer however, were the many days I spent at my Grandparent’s ranch and dairy. 105 degree days seemed to go unnoticed as I’d create adventures with my cousin Jimmy. We’d sneak into the churning rooms climbing ladders to get a glimpse of the creamy fresh milk with the froth still on top. We’d sit behind big tractors and pretend we were plowing fields. We’d tease each other if the other were wearing any touch of red the bulls were bound to leap from their pens and attack as if it were a bull fight! We’d feed the baby calves, climb hay bales and come home filthy. Our poor mothers. While they were in the kitchen with my dear Grandmother, we were getting burrs in our socks and sneaking into the freezer to get ice cream. The ranch was a big part of our lives. Holidays, summers we were always there. By the picture you see here, we started out early in our cowpoke days. This is my Mom holding me as I pretended to ride a calf. Doesn’t she look hip and Jackie O? I think I have a pair of sunglasses like that right now! That is my PaPa Lan, her father, standing by making sure everything was ok. The dog days of summer seem to pass so easily back then. I’m glad I can still cherish the wonderful memories on a cool Bay Area day. I think I’ll go have an ice cream.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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