Recall Concern


Mike Inouye

We often hear about recalls and I understand the reason we need to know about these things at a level such that I’d return the battery or check the canned food for the affected production lot.

I also understand the historical health problems with lead based paints and feel for those who had been living in older houses for years only to discover that some paint was indeed from that era.

These are important things to know. That’s why we report them.


I suddenly realized how dramatically things change from “important to know,” to important for ME to know when it affects my kid.

Toddler No Way has this toy which is listed in this story we reported on NBC11 News.


Lead in the paint?


Wow. What an eye opener when I caught myself with the elevated heartbeat.

I guess I really am doing that fatherly concern thing. Now I just have to do the follow the recall instructions thing.

Stay tuned for follow up on this one.

Mike Inouye
Lead Paint Abating Father
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


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