Stinging Lip Job?


Laura Garcia Cannon

A really strange thing happened to me while I was on vacation recently. Something I’d call a one in a million chance, although I don’t have the official statistics to back it. One can only hope it never happens to you!

A bee flew in my mouth and stung my lip! It was the strangest thing and happened in a blink of an eye or I guess the little breath that I took. I was at Universal Studios in Southern California for my annual “Camp Aunt Laurie.” Every year, I take my niece and nephews for a week to give my sister and brother-in-law a little break, and some summer time fun for the kids. I have just as much fun planning the whole thing. Every day is a surprise, and the kids have to figure out what we’re doing by solving a puzzle or riddle or deciphering clues I give them. Every year, I fill the week with different activities and locations – concerts, theme parks, horseback riding, crafts, the beach… you name it, it’s always different and fun. The kids win badges for good deeds and participating in my crazy crafts – who knew this year we’d have to hand out a first aid badge!

I’m glad it happened to me and not one of the kids. I was walking with my 6-year-old nephew and pow! I saw a flash of black fly by me and into my mouth. OUCH! A big pinch on my lip and I told my nephew Matthew, “I think I just got stung by a bee!” He glances my way and says comforting, “Uh no, you’re ok, come on let’s just keep
walking.” As my lip started to swell, I was worried I’d possibly have an allergic reaction (since it runs in the family and I’m already allergic to some strange things). I didn’t want my nephew to start getting worried though so we made it a fun game to go to the first aid center. He became my trusty doctor and we headed on over.
I text messaged my other sister, his Aunt Lisa and her husband Jim, who had taken our nephew Michael on the big kid rides. They met us there to find my Angelina Jolie lip well underway. The thing is, only a quarter of my lip swelled, making it look like I had the worst collagen job ever! Ha ha – It was huge though. I couldn’t eat or drink anything and the swelling continued well into the next few days.

I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t anchoring and had the week off to heal… I’m sure the emails would have been many. At least now I know what a bad lip injection would look like!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


2 Responses to “Stinging Lip Job?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh when reading your story because the same thing happened to me on my 1st day of 10th grade at high school. I was drinking a Coke and a bee happened to get into the can and I didn’t know it. I took a drink and ouch the bee got in my mouth and stung the side of my lip, but it was puffy mostly inside my mouth. Took about a week to look somewhat normal.
    Sorry to hear about your bee sting!

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