Sig-nificantly Alert


Mike Inouye

This past weekend was an historic one.

Labor Day Weekend 2007 will go down in history as the one in which the entire Bay Bridge was shut down, cutting off the main connection from Oakland to San Francisco for nearly three days so that a football field of asphalt could be “swapped out.”

Bay Area locals know, as well as much of our nation, the shutdown, destruction, construction and renovation all went off without a hitch. In case you missed our streaming web coverage of the humongous project, here’s time-lapse footage of some of the destruction of that 350 foot portion of the old approach to Yerba Buena Island.

The only real snag, it would seem, was getting the toll booth and other bridge maintenance positions staffed nearly 11 hours ahead of their expected operation time. I feel badly for those who had to be called in from their Labor Day vacation but we were all thrilled to see it happen ahead of schedule.

Caltrans did a tremendous job getting the word out to residents and visitors thru media outlets like ours. The public did a great job getting familiar with their alternates (some of which I outlined in spots like this.)

Some might wonder, since this had such a huge impact to traffic flow, why this wasn’t one of those Sig Alerts I often talk about. This is because it was a scheduled construction project and not an unexpected incident. (Click here to check out my blog explaining what a Sig Alert is, and where it got its name.)

So, while this was a Sig-nificant Alert it wasn’t a Sig Alert.

It was, however, a very successful venture for all involved… including YOU. Thanks for all of your help, getting the word out, getting your routes planned, and getting by without the Bay Bridge.

Let’s give Caltrans the Labor Day holiday off next year, they’ve been working hard for the past two. 😉

Mike “I’m Warning You” Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


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