While that cat is away…


Laura Garcia CannonWhile the cat is away the mice will play. At least that’s the old saying, but in my book it may need to be rewritten to “While the cat is away, the mice will eat the strange things the cat thinks are gross.” Brent is the cat in this picture and I am the mouse. I think of this because coming up soon Brent will be flying off to Denver to see his Mom. While I miss him, it’s not possible for us to take all our time off together, but we make the most of it. It’s a great chance for him to spend some nice quality time with his family, as I do with mine. But that’s not all that is gained! Perhaps a few extra pounds by me while he is gone, as I indulge in the foods he doesn’t like at all! The mere mention of lengua (cows tongue) or menudo (stomach lining soup!) sets off a gag reflex in him. Throw in a few of my other strange favorites like liver, sardines, tuna… ha ha… wait a minute maybe I am the cat because that sounds like the makings of some “feline feast” by Friskies! It’s not like I crave these strange things daily, but I do on occasion. I don’t ever make or eat them when Brent is around because the smell of them sets off the aforementioned cat gag. Mental? Probably, but I respect our differences. Just like he probably eats cheese dogs when I’m gone. Ugh.

The thing is, I found out this is kind of common. Reporter Christian Kafton tells me his wife eats Natto (fermented soy beans). Traffic anchor Mike Inouye says he eats Saki Ika (dried cuttlefish) when his wife is away. He also admitted to a mac n’ cheese and salami concoction. Mmmmm. Jennifer Rose, a writer in our newsroom says she loads up on pasta and rice when her husband is gone on a business trip. I guess he keeps the carbs low. We all know Shannon O’Donnell likes chocolate, but little does her husband know how much she sneaks at work… Ha ha.. oops looks like the “cat” is out of the bag for all these folks. Sorry. Anybody want a pigs foot? Snort.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


3 Responses to “While that cat is away…”

  1. Logan Says:

    Ha Ha! I think every married couple goes though this. I like to roll chocolate chips in a tortilla, and then heated to make a type of chocolate burrito.

    Thanks for sharing. It makes my mornings better. 🙂

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Funny Laura!!

    I induge in sunflower seeds. I have a knack to eating them, neatly.

  3. drc says... Says:

    Those items are not as bad as the guys think they are. They are pretty good. I know that guys eat alot things that are worse. At least you know what you are eating.

    thanks for sharing Laura and grossing out the guys.

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