Interviewing an Angel


Laura Garcia Cannon

Charlies Angels was a hit show in the 80’s… I can’t remember what grade I was in when it was on, 3rd? 4th? But I do remember coming to school and at recess someone would say, “Let’s play Charlies Angels!.” I always wanted to be Kelly Garrett. That was the character Jaclyn Smith played. Smart and pretty she always helped catch the bad guy in the end.

Never would I imagine one day I’d be interviewing the real Kelly. Jaclyn Smith was a guest on our 11 AM news yesterday. Beautiful as ever, she was was in San Francisco to talk about a program called Strength In Knowing. A breast cancer survivor, she is now on a mission to share information with other women about early detection, treatment and survival. If you think about it, cancer is such a personal struggle. It must not be easy to live such a public life when you’re battling something like cancer. Jaclyn Smith told me she went through it privately at first. Her main concern was fighting. She went through a lumpectomy and radiation. Luckily she won. Five years in remission and now her focus is to try to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Approximately 200,000 women are newly diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the United States every year. Age, family history and personal history are the most important risk factors. But you never know. Do monthly self breast exams and get regular checkups. Jaclyn told me she never found her lump, but thankfully a mammogram picked it up. Now she’s hoping others heed her warning and take their own health seriously.

Jaclyn Smith played an angel on TV… but now she’s playing a true angel helping others. I’d still play her on the playground anytime.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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