Flying Over the Fires


Rob Mayeda

What an interesting flight into Burbank today. All of SoCal awash in veils of smoke of different colors and thicknesses. Going from the Pacific blue skies over San Francisco to a steady descent into more and more smoke – you may find these photos of interest.

Gorgeous shot of San Francisco as seen shortly after takeoff to Burbank

Santa Barbara area off in the distance – smoke from the Malibu fire and Castaic (I-5/Grapevine) area fires combining for hazy skies.

Over Ventura County, about an hour’s drive west of Los Angeles, the smoke turns noticeably thicker.

Looking into and through the smoke, everything starts turning shades of tan and orange.

This smoke is coming from a brand new blaze called the “Magic” fire near Stevenson Ranch. As its name would suggest – it started near the Magic Mountain amusement park near Valencia.

Strong turbulence over Box Canyon heading into the West San Fernando Valley. We’re surfing some very strong winds on approach to Burbank Airport. Somewhere in that haze is my parents’ house near West Hills.

Finally, some breaks in the smoke. A water-dropping tanker plane just disappeared in the top right corner of the photo on another run to the front of the fire.

That’s the LA skyline way off in the distance. LA is never known for having “good air quality” but all that smoke is adding up around here. What looks like dust blowing around is partially tiny white flecks of ash that drift down and coat things left outside for too long. Today, it’s not a bad day to have a rental car in white.

Rob Mayeda
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist
Southwest Airlines Flight 61 Oakland to Burbank


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