"Extra Special Trick or Treater"


Laura Garcia CannonWith Halloween just around the corner and kids scrambling for costumes to wear, I remain puzzled at the superstores and aisle upon aisle of ready made costumes to buy. At the risk of sounding like “when I was a kid we used to walk 10 miles in the snow…” I have to say when I was a kid, we used to just hunt in the closet to see what we could find and use our creativity to make up a costume to wear. Granted, my Mom did sew a few great costumes for me. In fact, I think she still has the Little Red Riding Hood cape and hood she made for me when I was about five. It’s hard to also forget the year my cousin and I wore matching clown outfits expertly sewed by Mom and Aunt. But I have to say, for the most part, I just remember scrambling in the closet looking for anything I could label an outfit that would get me a stash of candy!

I think it’s pretty obvious through this picture. I still laugh when I see it, I think I was about 8. Can you tell what I was? Yeah that’s right, a fat cowboy. Isn’t that at the top of everyone’s “what I want to be list” this year? Forget Jack Sparrow kids, just get yourself a pillow, Dad’s old shirt and boots, find a bandanna and hat and you’re on your way to candy heaven! Ok, what was I thinking??? Seriously, can you imagine I actually called that an outfit and went on my merry way? I think I got extra candy that year from the neighbors thinking I was a charity case. Oh that poor little Laura! The thing is, I think I thought I looked pretty good. I do remember just scrambling in the closet, and finding a pillow, shirt, hat etc… Look, I even modeled it at the front door with my kitty bag ready to fill it high and plenty with candy. Trick or treat! If I could even say it through my mustache! What really cracks me up is my scrawny arms attempting to hold my pants up. The best part of this picture is on the back, you can’t see it, but hand written in my Mom’s cursive it says…”One of my extra special trick or treaters.” Awww she even underlined ‘extra special.’ Isn’t that a love of a Mom?

Happy Halloween whatever you decide to be, as for me, I gotta go raid the hall closet…

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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