Hair to the Throne


Mike InouyeYou’ve all heard of “Take Your Kid to Work” day but I thought it might be fun to have my kid actually take over doing the work for me. Okay, not just “fun” but actually “easier” than me getting up every day. I decided that the first step in his training was to walk the walk. That’s right… the look.

He and I busted out his khaki pants, his blue shirt and one of his old man’s ties but something wasn’t quite right. Ah-HA!

We marched into the bathroom and squeezed a random amount of hair goop into Daddy’s hand and “voila”!

In preparation for the successor to take over the map clicker, I quickly found a set of pajamas for my late morning lounging (the kind with the no-slip footies) and we were set.

Though not great with his freeway numbers and barely able to put two word phrases together, he shows great promise with the “pointing to things” part of the job. We’ll keep you updated as the training continues.

Mike Inouye
NBC11 First Generation Traffic Anchor


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