Battle of the Bulge


Brent CannonIt is that time of year again – when food is everywhere, and fighting the battle of the bulge goes to new extremes. Another year older and it becomes more difficult not to put on the pounds. Just look at a chocolate cupcake and I could gain two pounds. Halloween just ended, but the remnants are all over the place. People have candy by the plastic pumpkin bucket full. All that candy that used to be in the grocery store has moved. It is now dispersed in homes across the country – including mine. Free candy permeates the newsroom. People are getting smart. They realize there is way too much candy at their house – so they bring it all to work – where we all gorge ourselves with a little snack here and there. Candy, candy, candy. Nothing but temptation everywhere I look. A person can consume 500 extra calories without even batting an eye. And it will not get any easier. It could easily take a month to clear out the Halloween goodies – and by then – guess what – it is time for Thanksgiving. And people get in the baking mood too. There will be Christmas cookies and brownies and homemade fudge in all the same places where there used to be Halloween candy! And after that the holiday parties begin. You know what that means – food and drink beyond what you can possibly burn off in a decent work out. Yes, the next two months are a time only the most disciplined will survive. The rest of us will succumb and will resort to the annual stand-by solution – the New Year’s fitness resolution. It could take me to July to recover if I’m not careful. Alas – what is a person to do? Anyway – I gotta go. There is French toast in the station cafeteria – Laura has three kinds of cookies to go with a little coffee – and somebody just brought in a new pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. So much food, so little time.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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