Kicking Off the Holiday Season


Laura Garcia CannonOh the weather outside is frightful… ok maybe not… it’s California after all, but let’s bask in the sunshine while we get in the holiday spirit! That’s exactly what Brent and I are doing this week.

We’ll get a jump start when we help light the tree at San Jose’s Santana Row. Join us Thursday at 7pm – there will be music, dancers, and of course the grand Christmas Tree. It actually is a great way to get you in the holiday spirit.

I can’t even believe Thanksgiving is next week! I have to go find a turkey and the trimmings… It’s not quite time for our decorations, we usually wait until after Thanksgiving at our house. In fact, I still have a pumpkin bowl out full of Halloween candy. Guess I’ve got to get with the times, out with the orange and black and in with the silver and gold and red and green! But first things first… Christmas tree lighting at Santana Row. Sounds backwards I know, but it will definitely kick off what we’ll call the ‘Holiday Season.’ Hope to see you there, come say hello if you go!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

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