Friday Light/Friday Late


Mike Inouye

You’ve probably heard us all chat about “Friday Light” but I’ve recently realized this is a bit of a misnomer.

We often call the commute “Friday Light” because there seems to be a lower volume of cars on the road at the end of the week. Presumably, many people are either skipping work or “working from home” as they get an early start on the weekend.

In truth, though, if you leave the house during the normal peak commute and head to typical peak commute spots you’ll hit pretty typical commute traffic. In spots like the Bay Bridge toll plaza, Southbound Highway 101 thru San Rafael, Interstate 680 thru Walnut Creek… you’ll see a heavy volume of traffic. The “light” part is only true for surrounding areas.

The effect on the commute? We have a “LATE” arrival of the normal backup at those spots. The backup lets up a little earlier as well, but for the morning shows I like to call it “Friday Late” so our viewers realize they can beat the backup if they leave a couple minutes earlier.

Oh, and you may be wondering what the heaviest traffic day is…

Tuesdays seem to be the worst for the Bay Area with the heaviest volume and the higher number of accidents, incidents and delays as a result.

If you drove today, you probably noticed that. I sure did.

Be safe!

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


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