To B-Day or To Belate


Mike Inouye

New Year’s Day is a HUGE day for my family and for my wife’s family. The first day of the year entails major prep-work and either major hosting or a lot of driving to see the extended family on both sides of our marriage all over the Bay Area. This is the one day of the year we can count on seeing just about every member of our extended family who is anywhere near Northern California.

My kid’s birthday is just before New Year’s Day.

Getting his party squeezed in before the end of the year has proven to be hectic but in the week after it’s often cramped as well. During the planning of this year’s soiree, thoughts of Jeremy, a childhood friend, came to mind.

A friend since grammar school, he always celebrated his birthday in August. It wasn’t until 5th grade that I found out he was actually born during the last week of November. (I think it came up in school when the teacher was putting November birthdays on the bulletin board or something.)

He explained the logic to me: November/December were very busy holiday months, tough to get people together and the risk of the dreaded double-duty gift. I can hear him quote some unnamed relative, “Here Jeremy, this is for both Christmas AND your birthday.”

At this time I should confess that I have a winter birthday. In fact, it’s less than two weeks after my son’s, so I searched my memories and pulled up one issue that bugged me for a couple of birthdays: No water slide parties in the winter. There were a couple of years that I can remember lamenting that I “would never have a birthday party at Splashdown” in Milpitas. Having a winter birthday makes anything pool, water park or sprinkler related a very bad idea.

In spite of the potential downside of having a birthday at year end with all of your friends, family and venues being booked up for holiday events, the cold weather, the double-duty gifts, I seriously doubt we’d ever change the time of year we celebrate his birthday. It’s the day he was born and that’s what we celebrate. It could be harder; we could do it like the Cannons and celebrate the birthday WEEK. Then we’d REALLY overlap on holidays.

Even so, I’m curious… what would you do?

Mike Inouye
Winter-born NBC11 Traffic Anchor


3 Responses to “To B-Day or To Belate”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    My aunts birthday is really in June but celebrates it in December. Why would she do this?
    Because her 2 sons were born during June-July so it was easier for her (money and time wise).
    I didn’t know this until a few years ago. You do what you can and what makes sense to your family! It works out just fine!

  2. Mike Inouye Says:

    Thanks for the note and cool to hear about another birthday switcheroo that’s out there.

  3. june Says:

    hi mike,
    i am a huge fan of you!! my husband and i love watching you while we get ready for work. we love hearing your corny jokes- we just laugh and laugh! thanks for a good start to the morning!!

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