Going Green


Brent Cannon

I’m going green. I’m a green circle kind of guy these days. I used to be a double black diamond guy. But now – green circles.

I’m talking about skiing. Laura and I spent time with family over the holidays and took the niece and nephews skiing for their first time. I started them on a hill in front of the lodge, then graduated to the bunny hill, and finally to a mild beginner trail.

Along the way, I learned something about how my own style of skiing has changed. When I was growing up in Colorado we went skiing all the time. By the time I was in high school and could drive, my friends and I went almost every weekend. We were ski nuts. Two of my friends were ranked #3 and #5 in the country in freestyle skiing. Another buddy was a fanatic, and had to be the first one on the lift in the morning – and last one off at the end of the day. We would ski as fast as possible to see if we could break our own record for number of runs in a day.

I remember death defying runs on trails named “The Plunge,” “Henry’s Holler,” and “Mach I.”

I remember moguls so big a friend could disappear from sight on the other side of it.

I remember skiing in white-out, blizzard conditions, with a wind chill of minus 80 degrees. The mountain closed soon after we made a run due to dangerous conditions.

But not anymore. I like green circle runs – beginner runs. I like working on form. I like going slow enough to able to actually discern between individual trees. I like not falling so hard my limbs flail about like a rag doll tossed out of a speeding car.

Blue squares are good too. When beginner runs get too boring, I’ll step it up to an intermediate slope, but very seldom do I see myself on black diamonds, or double blacks.

I guess you could say – it is easy going green after all.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

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