Stomping In Las Vegas… Wish You Were Here!


Craig Herrera

Have you been to Las Vegas lately? If you go soon, check out a local young man in Stomp Out Loud! No, this is not and advertisement or review, but rather, a story of a local Bay Area man exploring his talents at the next level! His name is Chris Pounders, and his mom Robin, and I are close friends. A group of very special friends and I went to Las Vegas over the weekend to see Chris in the show at Planet Hollywood! Chris was awesome, as was the show! It’s amazing that he graduated from Prospect High School in 2004, and he is already in a world class show having a great time, while learning lessons in life and remaining humble all at once! And it’s ironic that his last name is Pounders since that is exactly what he does in the show… pound on everyday items like trash cans (while suspended from a bungie cord), brooms, a ring of keys, boxes with packing materials and more!

It seems all the time he spent on his drum set with the great Wally Schnalle, an extremely talented jazz drummer from the Bay Area paid off! And it doesn’t hurt that he just has a love for music. He even taught himself to play the guitar. And Chris has a group called the Pounders, imagine that! 🙂

And it’s great to note that Sunday we all went to church to see him play with the praise choir team. WOW! He and the band were incredible! It’s great to see a person chasing a dream, yet being true to himself.

A reminder that life is short, chase your dream and live everyday to the fullest!

I also have to say that this was the first time I left Las Vegas wishing I had more time, it was simply an eye-opening trip filled with fun and inspiration!

I’ll end this blog and leave you with this… no matter your age, make the most of everyday and always be true to yourself!

Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist


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