Reluctant Actor


Laura Garcia Cannon

I was sad to hear of Actor Heath Ledger’s passing this week. I interviewed Heath when he was an up and coming star prior to the release of his first starring role major film “A Knights Tale.” Brent and I went to a private screening of the film prior to the interview. It’s common for studios to set this up or sometimes send us the dvd copy of the film to watch at our home before interviewing the film’s stars. It gives us an opportunity to know more about the actual film, the stars, if it’s even good etc…

What I really remember about Heath was how young he appeared, and really so nervous. It was his first major press tour and he really seemed a bit overwhelmed with the whole experience. At one point in the interview I kidded with him, asking if maybe we got him up too early, he seemed so overwhelmed by everything and had a tough time promoting his own film. I think this was all so new to the actor. Interestingly enough, I heard the same comment from another reporter. How Heath appeared uncomfortable, nervous, calling him a ‘reluctant actor.’ I think he was just young, it was all new, and no doubt overwhelming. At just 20-21 he was probably just beginning to find himself. It is sad to think he may have still been on the road to finding himself, dying at such a young age of 28.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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