Snack Strategy


Brent Cannon

I got in my glove compartment the other day and found a half eaten bear claw pastery. My lovely wife had stashed it there. I had to laugh because she squirrels away food in funny places. Both our cars have little snacks – like travel-sized peanuts – in the side compartments of the door, or in the glove box. She says it’s for an emergency if we ever get stranded.

Like so many things, she did not finish the bear claw. Which is something I have taken into consideration when we order at a restaurant. Let’s say there are two items I might order, and I cannot decide. I always let the ladies order first – which means Laura sometimes orders one of the two items I was pondering. So, knowing she will not be able to finish hers – I order the other item. I eat mine – and then finish hers. Except she eats like a chipmunk. Let’s say we have an oversized muffin. She can’t finish it. But she knaws all the way around the edge. Same thing with toast. She’ll nibble all the way around the crust – then offer me this tattered piece of bread to finish. A hamburger bun could be totally mangeled by the time it comes my way.

But more and more we are splitting a single order. Restaurants serve such large portions, and we are cutting back – and we find we can often split a single order and be just fine.

Well, gotta go. I’m getting hungry. I think I’ll check the trunk and see what we have to eat in there!

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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