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I Almost Didn’t Graduate Because Of The Lottery

February 21, 2008

Kris Sanchez

The $270-million Mega Millions jackpot got me thinking about how the lottery almost cost me way more than a buck.

Back in 1996, I was about to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. My parents, brother, sister and grandparents were in town and ready to see me get my diploma. I played tour guide until the very last minute, so much so that we were late getting to the arena.

Still, on our way there, my dad had to make a pit stop.

“DAAAAAAAD, what are you doing?!?!?” I asked in an adolescent whine I wasn’t ready to give up yet.

“Sorry honey, I’ll be quick. I have to buy lottery tickets,” he said.

“What? You’ve got to be kidding me. LOTTERY TICKETS? We’re never going to make it!”

Dad said, “Honey, I wouldn’t, but it’s my turn to buy the lotto tickets for the office pool and if I don’t buy them and we win I’m dead.”

Dead sounded about right to me, as I freaked out in the back seat. But he was right, he was quick and we did make it. I got there just in time to hear the graduation song, walk across the stage, claim my diploma and snap a couple of pictures.

In fairness to my dad, I should mention that it took me five years to earn my two degrees, my sister was in college at the same time, and my brother was just a few years behind her. Come to think of it, it’s no wonder my dad played the lottery… even when it almost made us miss the moment he and my mom deserved to see as much as I did.

Kris Sanchez
NBC11 Anchor & Reporter


When Nature Attacks

February 15, 2008

Scott McGrew

Laura recently reported the expansion of the Google campus might be delayed by burrowing owls. She and the rest of the morning team were surprised to hear some owls live underground, like chipmunks.

I can assure you they are very real. I took this picture on a recent Saturday afternoon while my boys and I were at a big field at Baylands Park to launch model rockets. We were crossing the field looking for one of our rockets. Its parachute had failed and it came down like, well, a rocket. I was with Ian, my 6-year-old, and 13-year-old Zachary was about 50 feet away. As Ian and I were walking, something flew up out of the ground at our face. I jumped on top of Ian. The thing, whatever it was, flew up into the air towards Zach. Zachary, startled by my reaction, ran away screaming as the owl chased him. I’m sure he’s glad I just wrote that on the Internet.

It reminded me a bit of pheasant hunting, something I tried while I was going to college in Iowa. You go out to a big farm field and just sort of walk along til a nesting pheasant shoots out of the grass. It really startles you – and I swear you’re more or less shooting in self-defense.

So, if you’re out in the Shoreline area, watch out for owls from below. And McGrew boy rockets from above.

Scott McGrew
NBC11 Business & Tech Reporter

The Rest of the Story

February 12, 2008

Laura Garcia Cannon

I was going to write an entirely different blog, but I’ll save it for later. I have to reply to Brent’s last few blogs about me first. Equal time right? All this will make sense to you if you’ve read his blogs so if not scroll down and catch up… Then come back to find…

A) I don’t squirrel away food. I get full! You can’t tell on TV, but I’m really not a very big person. I like to say petite, others may say just plain short. In fact many of my friends just call me Little Laura. Little people sometimes get full fast. Little body, little stomach. Brent thinks I’m hiding food, ha, I just got full, I couldn’t finish. I don’t like that overly stuffed feeling. I feel much healthier stopping when I’ve had enough. As for the gnawing my food – I like to eat the best part first – since I get full, why not eat the best part? Such as the top of the muffin for example! If you know you can’t finish it, why wouldn’t you eat the best part first? I even eat my pie backward since the crust is the best part and I know I’ll get full and won’t be able to finish the whole piece. (Sometimes I do finish it though, which really surprises Brent because I think he eyes my leftovers!!! ) That brings me to…

B) Sometimes I think Brent married me because I can’t finish my meal. He even admitted to waiting to see what I order at a restaurant before he orders because he’s getting a meal and a half when he takes me out! To his credit, he is the best guinea pig a wife could ask for. Without ever complaining, he was the best testing ground for my early days of cooking as a new wife. Over salted, over spiced, overheated, he would eat virtually anything I would put in front of him. God Bless his stomach for surviving 10 plus years!

C) Yes, I hyperventilated when he proposed, but I was also coming down with a major case of flu/laryngitis. I was really congested. In fact, the night after he proposed I had to call in sick to work the next two days. I spent the next day in bed with a fever, talking to my sisters in disbelief that my boyfriend had proposed! I really didn’t expect it at all! I was shocked. It was Valentines Day 1996. Happy Memories. Silly Brent, yes I hyperventilated, but now, as Paul Harvey says… you know the rest of the story!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

Ah… the Sunshine!

February 11, 2008

Craig Herrera

WOW! The sun, the warm and fresh air, the green hills, it all adds up to spring fever for me! I know we are still in February, and we will still see some rain, we can always use more rain, but the sun sure was nice over the weekend. I truly hope you had a wonderful weekend! I’d like to share mine with you.

I had the joy of meeting up with my very first boss and very dear friend, Beth Howard. Beth hired me as an intern at the United States Olympic Committee-Broadcasting Division, then hired me on full-time one-year later upon graduation. She now lives in New York, and was in Pebble Beach working, so we drove out to meet her for dinner Friday evening. What a joy she is in my life. She is one of those friends you just never lose touch with, and when you see each other, it’s as if no time has passed at all. But it has been three years since we last saw each other. That was the start of a great weekend.

Saturday, I celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year with great friends and incredible food in Petaluma. I learned so much about why the year of the rat is so important. Why certain foods are celebrated at this time of year. And why certain customs should be shared with all.

Sunday, after services at my church in Los Gatos, I met with great friends who are all going to do the AIDS/Lifecycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in June. We all signed up together, (NBC11 is a proud sponsor of the event) and we are all planning our fund-raising parties, training rides and trip to L.A. I can not wait! From here on out, I will blog more about my life, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to share my training with you along the way. And I’d like to hear about your exciting new journeys too!

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. I have to say, one of the
highlights of my life, come rain or shine… is my babies. Sunday evening, I ended my weekend with special time with my special girls, Sasha and Tess. I took a few photos of them to share with you. Sasha is a Lhasa Apso, about 10 years old, and Tess is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, about 12 years old. Both are rescues dogs… but really, they rescued me! And with the sun shining, a great weekend shared with special people in my life… life feels good, I always think about the loved ones in my life, and my special girls. Go out and give the special loves in your life a big hug or call someone and tell them hello!

I always appreciate the friends I have, even if it’s been three years since we saw
each other last, the special holidays – even if they are not part of my culture tradition, and simply the sunny days that inspire us to grab a camera and capture those special moments. I hope you have a great day!

Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist

Took Her Breath Away

February 8, 2008

Brent Cannon

The other day we were reporting about the new construction going on at San Jose’s airport. Mike Inouye said the old terminal “C” has special meaning to him because there is a statue in there, and he asked his wife to marry him in front of that statue.

That made me think of when I proposed to Laura. I bought the ring, and then made reservations for dinner at a little Italian restaurant. I had planned a nice romantic dinner, and then I’d pop the question. Well, the place was small and cozy and intimate, but maybe a little too much so. People at other tables could easily listen in on your conversation, and it made me nervous. Plus – this was such a personal moment, but with people listening in, it didn’t feel very personal. So – I had to “punt” so to speak.

Plan B. We went back to her place, and at some point I got out the ring and asked her to marry me. That’s when the trouble began. She hyperventilated! She couldn’t talk. At first it was funny. Then I started getting worried. Then I was concerned about what this all meant about her answer. It seemed like an eternity before she recovered. That’s when she said, “Ok. Try again.”

Take two. It looked like she had regained composure – so I asked again. And she hyperventilated again! Now I’m kind of freakin’ out. I didn’t know that the prospect of spending a lifetime with me could be so traumatic!

Take three. Eventually Laura caught her breath and was able to answer. And obviously, she said yes. I guess I literally took her breath away.

I guess I kind of did things backwards. Now we had to tell her parents. Usually, the guy asks them first. But in my defense, I had not really met them many times. I didn’t know them too well and felt awkward asking them. I think they thought Laura and I had only been out on a couple of dates and didn’t realize we were much more serious. Anyway – I had to ask her parents, and that is a whole other story I’ll save it for another time.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

Dear John Letter

February 7, 2008

Mike Inouye

Oh, I’m traffic.

My last name is pronounced “ee-NOH-way”.

Yes, it’s probably channel 3 if you have cable.

Answers to some common assertions people make when we’re in conversation.

Does it get frustrating for me? Not really.

It’s often a social dilemma, though, when the “How’s the weather?” question comes up. Should I correct them on my place on the team, the way to pronounce my name or where they watch me for that matter?

The tables were turned recently when my family went to look at furniture at a well known furniture and housewares store. “John” was working there and, with a big warm smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye asked “How’s the traffic?”

He clearly watched our morning news, knew the team and recognized my face (even with the casual clothes, baseball cap and toddler in tow.)

Good eye, John.

We had a quick exchange and happily continued shopping. On our way out, John and I quickly chatted again and I accidentally called his store by the name of a competitor store. John caught that too.

Good ear, John. 😉

Boy, was my face red (figuratively speaking).

John was cool about it and made a joke. He asked if this would make the Blog…

Good call, John.

If we meet and you accidentally call me the weather guy, you say you watch me on a different channel or you pronounce my name differently than I do, don’t sweat it. We all make mistakes but I know where your heart is.

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor