Took Her Breath Away


Brent Cannon

The other day we were reporting about the new construction going on at San Jose’s airport. Mike Inouye said the old terminal “C” has special meaning to him because there is a statue in there, and he asked his wife to marry him in front of that statue.

That made me think of when I proposed to Laura. I bought the ring, and then made reservations for dinner at a little Italian restaurant. I had planned a nice romantic dinner, and then I’d pop the question. Well, the place was small and cozy and intimate, but maybe a little too much so. People at other tables could easily listen in on your conversation, and it made me nervous. Plus – this was such a personal moment, but with people listening in, it didn’t feel very personal. So – I had to “punt” so to speak.

Plan B. We went back to her place, and at some point I got out the ring and asked her to marry me. That’s when the trouble began. She hyperventilated! She couldn’t talk. At first it was funny. Then I started getting worried. Then I was concerned about what this all meant about her answer. It seemed like an eternity before she recovered. That’s when she said, “Ok. Try again.”

Take two. It looked like she had regained composure – so I asked again. And she hyperventilated again! Now I’m kind of freakin’ out. I didn’t know that the prospect of spending a lifetime with me could be so traumatic!

Take three. Eventually Laura caught her breath and was able to answer. And obviously, she said yes. I guess I literally took her breath away.

I guess I kind of did things backwards. Now we had to tell her parents. Usually, the guy asks them first. But in my defense, I had not really met them many times. I didn’t know them too well and felt awkward asking them. I think they thought Laura and I had only been out on a couple of dates and didn’t realize we were much more serious. Anyway – I had to ask her parents, and that is a whole other story I’ll save it for another time.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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