The Rest of the Story


Laura Garcia Cannon

I was going to write an entirely different blog, but I’ll save it for later. I have to reply to Brent’s last few blogs about me first. Equal time right? All this will make sense to you if you’ve read his blogs so if not scroll down and catch up… Then come back to find…

A) I don’t squirrel away food. I get full! You can’t tell on TV, but I’m really not a very big person. I like to say petite, others may say just plain short. In fact many of my friends just call me Little Laura. Little people sometimes get full fast. Little body, little stomach. Brent thinks I’m hiding food, ha, I just got full, I couldn’t finish. I don’t like that overly stuffed feeling. I feel much healthier stopping when I’ve had enough. As for the gnawing my food – I like to eat the best part first – since I get full, why not eat the best part? Such as the top of the muffin for example! If you know you can’t finish it, why wouldn’t you eat the best part first? I even eat my pie backward since the crust is the best part and I know I’ll get full and won’t be able to finish the whole piece. (Sometimes I do finish it though, which really surprises Brent because I think he eyes my leftovers!!! ) That brings me to…

B) Sometimes I think Brent married me because I can’t finish my meal. He even admitted to waiting to see what I order at a restaurant before he orders because he’s getting a meal and a half when he takes me out! To his credit, he is the best guinea pig a wife could ask for. Without ever complaining, he was the best testing ground for my early days of cooking as a new wife. Over salted, over spiced, overheated, he would eat virtually anything I would put in front of him. God Bless his stomach for surviving 10 plus years!

C) Yes, I hyperventilated when he proposed, but I was also coming down with a major case of flu/laryngitis. I was really congested. In fact, the night after he proposed I had to call in sick to work the next two days. I spent the next day in bed with a fever, talking to my sisters in disbelief that my boyfriend had proposed! I really didn’t expect it at all! I was shocked. It was Valentines Day 1996. Happy Memories. Silly Brent, yes I hyperventilated, but now, as Paul Harvey says… you know the rest of the story!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    When are you blogging again?

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