Stop and Smell the Roses


Brent CannonI thought I’d take a moment to stop and smell the roses – or the blossoms. With so many trees and flowers in bloom right now I was reflecting on my favorite spring scenes.

I remember how my dad enjoyed spring when I was a kid – “spring time in the Rockies”, he’d say. I recall the green wheat fields across from our house and the sound of Meadow Larks singing on a sunny Saturday morning. Of course the spring wildflowers in the mountains are sensational.
I worked several years in the Central Valley and I remember how early spring came. Acres and acres of pink and white orchards in bloom. In fact, in the Fresno – Visalia area people come from all over to tour the blossom trail. I also like the snow capped Sierra with the green hills in the foreground and maybe a palm tree or two.

While doing sports in the South, I loved dogwood in bloom in Atlanta. Fallen blossoms covered the roads like a light dusting of snow, and kicked up behind your car as you passed by.
While in Arizona I found a bloomin’ desert to be spectacular. Many people think of the desert as a hot, forbidding place, devoid of much life. But there are so many plants and animals, and in the spring the desert truly comes alive.

There are so many wonderful blooms in so many great places across our country, but these are just a few of my favorites.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

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