Thin Mint Junkie


Laura Garcia Cannon

I am addicted and I have a regular supplier.

There, I said it. Isn’t admitting you have an addiction the first step to the cure? The trouble is, I don’t want to get over my addiction. It’s good for my taste buds, but bad for my hips I suppose. I’m a Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint junkie, have been for years. When those little green overpriced boxes of minty goodness show up, my temptations are raised to mow down a whole row! But that’s a big problem, because I love cookies so much, I usually give them up for Lent, and guess what shows up right during every Lenten season?!! Those little adorable girl scouts with their lists of wares! There is no escaping them. They are in front of your supermarket, and your drug store. While I mentioned I have a regular supplier, I even got an ‘offer’ while taking my dog for a walk the other day. A girl scout I didn’t even know, but I couldn’t write my order down fast enough, she was offering home delivery! How big is your Mom’s minivan? My delivery arrived this weekend, now I have green boxes stacked up and ready to rip open, Hallelujah Easter Morning!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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