Brent Cannon

I start many mornings with a good game of ‘chase’ – at 3:15 a.m.We have a little Yorkie who is not quite two. He loves to play. Every morning, just after my shower, but just before I shave – Chip comes into the bathroom, carrying a toy in his mouth. I always like to see what he has selected each day. Most of the time he has his chicken. It used to be a fluffy red, stuffed chicken, but now it doesn’t have any stuffing, no legs and no face. But it is Chip’s favorite. In the picture he has his hamburger.

He comes bounding in – toy in his mouth – and looks up at me with his big brown eyes. If I even glance his way, his little nub of a tail starts wagging a mile a minute. Sometimes he is down on his front paws with his rear end up in the air – tail wagging and big brown eyes looking so hopeful.

I am late for work – but how can I resist. So I chase him. He can’t get away fast enough. He is usually falling all over himself – dropping the toy – trying to scoop it up – and run as fast as he can. He usually darts into the kitchen. I cut across the living room and intercept him at the other end of the kitchen – en route to the dining room. He loves that. He slides as he tries to reverse direction. Back the other way he goes. I cut back to intercept again. He’ll do that two or three times. Then he’ll make a mad dash. He tries to run out of the kitchen before I get to the doorway – scamper across the living room and up the stairs. I like to stomp my feet to make it sound like I’m right behind him. That really gets him going. I think he could play for hours – but I have to call it quits and get ready for work. Plus – its 3:15 in the morning and I’m chasing a dog around the house!

Anyway – people want to know what I do to get ready for the newscast everyday. At some point it usually involves a game of chase during the wee hours when most people are fast asleep.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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