Let the Child Run?


Scott McGrewThe parents of a 14-year-old San Francisco girl decided to pull her out of the Olympic Torch run over concerns for her safety. As you have no doubt seen on TV, protesters have attacked the torch runners in London and Paris.

Is that the right decision? As the parent of a 13-year-old, I know that struggle between what is most safe and what would be best for the child. Do you let your child walk from school to the teen hangout, knowing that hangout is across the world’s busiest street? Do you let the kid play paintball, or do you say “no, that looks too dangerous”?

For me, it’s a balance between the risk and the payoff. I would not, for instance, have a pool installed at my house. While my children would love it, I’m sure, I have as a reporter been to at least a dozen mishaps – or worse – at home pools. The pleasure a pool brings does not outweigh the risk. My kids can buy motorcycles when they have their own families.

However, I think the payoff of a child being able to say “I was an Olympic Torch runner” would outweigh the injury or trauma like this woman suffered if someone chooses to disrupt the San Francisco running. I’d let my kid run. Of course, I fully understand the concerns and support the decision of the parents who chose the opposite.

What do you think? What decision would you make?

Scott McGrew
NBC11 Business & Tech Reporter


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