Stuff That Bothers Me


Scott McGrewWe’ve made some improvements to the “comments” section of this blog, so it’s now a lot easier to weigh in with your own thoughts. I invite you to do so because I have a couple of things that have bothered me, and I’ve checked with the smartest person I know – Mike Inouye – and he doesn’t know the answer, so I’m depending on you, reader, to help me out.

As we get closer to the summer games in China, I’m reminded of something that bothers me every time I watch the opening ceremonies: Teams that use English names on their uniforms. When Chinese athletes entered the opening ceremonies at the last winter Olympics, their jackets said “China”? Not Chinese characters (’cause they’re from China), not French (the language of the Olympics) as Chine, or in Italian (host of that year’s Olympics) as Cine, but China? Doesn’t that seem sort of random? Like American athletes in China wearing jackets that read “United States” in German?

Okay, second thing:

Why does Starbucks use gallon jugs of milk? The average Starbucks location must go through a hundred gallons of milk in a day. And each gallon comes from one plastic jug – I’ve seen them toss the empties away. I’m sure they recycle, but why not use the same sort of dispenser restaurants use? I’ve worked in a restaurant and I know milk gets delivered in enormous plastic bags. It’s perfectly normal and safe. And much more environmentally friendly.

If you multiply one Starbucks location and its 100 jugs of milk per day (I’m estimating, I’m probably off by a factor of 10) times the number of Starbucks locations, then you have to figure Starbucks is one of the largest users of plastic in the United States, wouldn’t you? Someone who works at Starbucks want to help me understand this?

Scott McGrew
NBC11 Business & Tech Reporter


One Response to “Stuff That Bothers Me”

  1. Frank Carbrey Says:

    okay, don’t get me started about starbucks. What bothers me is everyone is reporting that Starbucks earnings reports are down due to the economic downturn. The reason is the lack of customer service. You stand in a huge line to pay premium prices for coffee and instead of Nordstrom service you get to wait forever to pay, wait again for your latte or have to wait while they brew coffee because they don’t have it ready. They remodeled their stores, but have not put in any new cash registers to get you out of the store faster. I can tell you I have stopped going to starbucks for these reasons and nothing else. Starbucks took their eye off the ball. When is everyone going to learn that customer satisfaction/service is what counts.

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