Making a Difference


Laura Garcia CannonOne of my favorite things to do as a journalist, is to tell a story that makes a difference. A difference in someone’s life. All stories should inform: telling you where that fire was, when it happened, who was involved, how it was caused etc… But, you’ll also find stories that go beyond that; take you into a place you might normally never see. I got that chance when following a young boy to school in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. Living in a 10 x 10 square foot room with seven other family members, they had love, but not a lot more. But a private school called De Marillac Academy was giving this child a chance to break the cycle of poverty that plagued his family for generations. He walked by drug dealers and crack addicts on his way to class every day, but once he was through those gates of De Marillac his world changed. It was giving him a second chance.

After we aired this story, anonymous viewers called to donate, for other children to receive this remarkable gift of a private education. Strangers helping strangers. It was great. Now the school is holding its first organized major fundraiser. I’m honored to emcee the event at San Francisco’s Westin St. Francis tonight. If you’re interested, check out this link: See what you can do to make a difference in someone’s life today. It’s a great feeling.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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