Day 2: Week Without a Car


Michelle ToyDay 2

I often head to San Francisco after work. One of the things I love about the Bay Area is being able to spend time in different pockets. After all, San Francisco’s great nightlife is just an hour drive away. Ooops, did I say drive? I did spend a few minutes in the car today. My colleague picked me up and drove me to work.

My friend and NBC11 5pm producer Dan commutes back and forth to San Francisco on Caltrain every day. He was going to show me the ropes. First stop: beer. Apparently happy hour starts on the train. What a great idea! Beer and suitcase in tow, Dan and I head to the Caltrain Diridon station and board the Baby Bullet. Caltrain is great and the Baby Bullet is even better since it only stops at a few stations.

The beer was cold, the seats were clean and our ride was much faster than the traffic jammed highways. The transfer to BART in Millbrae was seamless. I was in Glen Park, lugging my suitcase up Chenery Street by 7:15. I remembered to bring a change of shoes so that I wouldn’t have to walk up the hill in heels. I arrived at my destination by 7:30.

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The only problem were the drinks in my system. I haven’t yet worked up the courage to use the facilities on the train. 1 hour and 10 minutes to get from San Jose to San Francisco during rush hour? Not bad at all.

Carpool – 4 miles

Caltrain – 34 miles, $7

BART – 13 miles, $3.65

Walking – .32 miles

Gas money saved – 44 miles at $3.85 gal = $7.27

Time saved by taking the train instead of driving – 30 minutes

2 beers on Caltrain – $2.50 (b.y.o.b)

2 beers at Americano on the Embarcadero – $12 w/tip

Check back tomorrow for day three… and don’t forget to tune into NBC11 Friday for a special report on my entire experience.

Michelle Toy
NBC11 Special Projects Producer


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