Brent CannonSomething must be wrong with me. I think dog food looks good. Have you seen recent commercials? I was sitting at my desk the other day and caught a glimpse of a really tasty looking plate of stew. It had thick beefy gravy, tasty chunks of meat, peas, carrots, potatoes. It was about lunchtime and I was hungry. I thought – where can I get some of that? I could put it on a plate and sop it up with a biscuit. About then I realized – this is an ad for dog food!

This isn’t the first time this has happened. A couple of years ago, I saw what looked like Dinty Moore stew. I use to eat Dinty Moore as a kid. But, as it turns out, once again it was an ad for dog food.

Why do dog food manufacturers make the food look like people food? Is this stuff good for dogs? Heck – is it good for people? Do dogs need peas and carrots and potatoes? Is gravy as bad for dogs as it is for people? Do they get the same meat we do?

So many questions. Maybe you can leave a comment with some answers. In the meantime – somebody pass the biscuits. Oh – and I will be having people food, not dog food – at least as far as I can tell.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


6 Responses to “Yummy?!”

  1. Jeanine Layland Says:

    Just one question… how does your fascination reflect on Laura’s cooking skills? By your reaction this morning when the blog was mentioned it didn’t appear that you have shared this interest of yours with her.

    Seriously, we watch your show every day even into the 11a-12n hour and love the chemistry of the team. Lots of fun but still appropriately treating applicable news stories.

  2. Laura Garcia Cannon Says:

    So much for all my attempts at gourmet meals! Nearly 11 years of marriage and I could have just opened up a can of dog food? Maybe I’ll garnish it with parsley. Come and get it dear!! Literally. Maybe if you’re nice I’ll microwave it. Seriously, does that stuff look good Brent? I guess if it will get you to eat vegetables I’m game! I can’t believe you wrote this.. ha ha.

  3. Brent Cannon Says:

    To quote Barack Obama – perhaps I could have made a better choice of words. My comments on dog food have absolutely no bearing on my wife’s cooking. At no time did I ever say I do not like her meals. Her meals are wonderful. My blog is simply a comment as a guy watching TV. And I am not alone on this. People (and to spare them public scrutiny – they shall remain nameless) have stopped by my desk to say they also saw the commercials and they also thought the food looked good – only to realize it was a commercial for dog food. Somebody else stopped by to say manufacturers make the food for the owners – not for the dog. People buy it because it looks good to eat – not because it is really good for a pet.

    By the way – it is not that I like dog food. I do not. I have never tried the stuff. But you have to admit – manufacturers and advertisers are trying really hard to make dog food appealing to people so they will buy it.

    So – what’s for lunch – oh so sweet wife of mine – whose cooking I live for????

  4. june Says:

    my father is on the same mind set as you. he went into a dog bakery (oblivious to the fact it was a dog bakery and not a reg. bakery) and brought some cookies back to his work. he offered them to his co-workers and they were about to take one, until they realized it was dog cookies. at that point, i think he had already eaten a few of them. this wasn’t the first time either. he found some “beef jerky” hiding in the house (my mom will sometimes hide sweets and junk food so my dad doesn’t get to it), so he thought it was one of those times again. so he ate as many as he could and then told my mom about how he found the beef jerky and that she couldn’t trick him. low and behold, she tells him, ‘oh, that beef jerky is for dogs.”

  5. Laura Garcia Cannon Says:

    Dog food tacos with some sausages on the side.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I was tricked by that dog food commercial too. I do think i was watching it before dinner though so i was already a little hungry putting my usually keen senses at a disadvantage.

    I don’t have any real life experience with dog food as I have two cats. I feed them cat wet food and think some flavors smell quite good – a lot like canned tuna fish. I wonder why it’s so “fragrant” – i hope it’s healthy for my cats.

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