Nevada City


Brent CannonFor about half a tank of gas, you can get to a quaint mountain community, just outside Sacramento. I recently went through Nevada City. It is about half an hour outside Auburn on highway 49. It took me a little less than half a tank of gas to get there – and half a tank back. It takes about 2 hrs and 45mins from the South Bay.

Nevada City is right next to Grass Valley and holds a lot of history.I like to go to the old historic downtown area where you can find architecture from the 1850’s – the famed gold rush era in California. There are restaurants, shops and old hotels. Most have been transformed and you can find the finest in culinary cuisine – as well as relics from the past.

I suggest checking out the chamber of commerce web site. It contains a wealth of information, as well as lots of pictures to give you an idea of what you might find there.

I really like the drive too. Nevada City is along the gateway to the Sierra in Gold Country. You will meander by farms ringed by white fencing, cabins, meadows and lots of shady trees. Last weekend the flowers had begun to bloom. There were purples and yellows and oranges. However, I have also been there during the summer months and found blooms in white, red and violet.


Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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