Ardenwood Historic Farm


Editor’s Note: Day four of “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” spanned two continents. In day five of our Bay Area adventures requiring just one tank of gas, Mike & Laura share some fun spots for kids and canines. Our series isn’t quite over yet, check back on Monday for an encore.

Mike InouyeAs I proudly note, I grew up here in the San Francisco Bay Area. More specifically in the South Bay, Silicon Valley, which historically was mostly known for farming.

I guess you could say before there was Apple, there were apples… and other orchards… and there was our family business as well. My mom’s side of the family had a nursery in which we grew chrysanthemums and later roses for the wholesale market.

It was a treat and a touch of the past, then, when we “discovered” Ardenwood Historic Farm in the Ardenwood district of Fremont. It is part of the East Bay Regional Park District, near the interchange between Highway 84 and Interstate 880.

Right at the intersection of these two busy commute routes lies a working farm complete with sheep, cows, peacocks, a horse drawn train, a blacksmith, historic buildings, an organic fruitstand (when in season) and too much more to list here, so click here for an overview or here for the most current schedule.

There is a nominal entrance fee (btwn $2 and $4 depending upon season and day of the week) but it’s well worth the escape for a few hours. You can see the new babies born each spring, the pumpkins and the corn maze in the fall, the other animals and train year round… Plenty of reason to go back throughout the year. My kid loved it and his buddy did too on a recent visit. (See the dudes “sheepishly” looking around.)

Peninsula drivers can just hop across the Dumbarton Bridge (the eastbound drive is free) or you can take the Nimitz Freeway from the South Bay or East Bay. Easy access if ever there was.

Ardenwood Historic Farm?

Who Arden-wouldn’t?

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


2 Responses to “Ardenwood Historic Farm”

  1. Isa Polt-Jones Says:

    We were delighted to see your blog piece about Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont. There is so much to do with kids in the Regional Parks. Two things you might be interested in:
    The barrier free playground for kids at Roberts Park in Oakland:
    The Little Farm at Tilden Park in Berkeley.

    Thanks and see you in the parks.
    Isa Polt-Jones
    Public Affairs
    East Bay Regional Park District

  2. Mike Inouye Says:

    Hi Isa,

    We’re enjoying these experiences seen thru our toddler’s eyes and your suggestions sound like more great “one tank getaways” for us this Spring and Summer. Thanks so much for dropping that note!

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