The Boys


Laura Garcia CannonToo bad I’ve been so busy lately I could be making something for “The Boys” as I affectionately call them. Being the only female on the set with Brent, Mike, Craig and Scott they are “The Boys.” I’m the one girl so I have to put up with all the “shopping” “talking” stereotyping women jokes they have. Ok, maybe most of them are true. But it’s funny and fun being the only woman with them. I love the boys. They are funny, smart, quick witted and really hold their own against this little feisty gal. I love coming to work in the morning and working with all of them. They are the best. That’s why I think they deserve something nice.. Ha ha.. Which is also why I like to play jokes on them… How about this?

I recently took a sewing class. I thought it would be cool to learn what so many mothers did effortlessly when we were kids growing up! I still have the little dress and Halloween costumes my Mom made for me when I was a little. When she had left over material she would make clothes for my Barbie. How cool was that?! Well, while I’m not sewing dresses and Barbie clothes, I have mastered a pillowcase and pajama pants. Now my next project… something for “The Boys”.. Suggestions? How about vests that I make them wear on air one day! You know, one with buttons all over it for Mike, Zippers for Craig ha ha… Oooh homemade ties for Brent and Scott.. I can see the crazy flannel patterns now!! Maybe if I get really creative I can bedazzle them! What do you think? Maybe some dangly bobs hanging off the bottom like a matador? Oh this is going to be great! I see a funny news segment in their future… and a lot of work on my plate… I’ve got to go fire up the sewing machine!!!!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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