The Monkey Award


Mike InouyeLast weekend was a treat. My wife and I got to go for a night on the town and hit the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for the 37th Annual Emmy Awards. I was honored to be a presenter as well as to have been nominated in a number of categories.

I’m thrilled to share with you that for the third year in a row our morning newscast won the Emmy for best daytime newscast. Those of us in attendance congratulated one another, celebrated at the dinner party and had an enjoyable, albeit a long night.

The following morning our son was toddling past the statuette I’d brought home. He paused in front of it, looked up and smiled.

“They’s two of these guys there,” he said.

Glowing in the moment I forgave the lad his grammatical errors and said “yes, daddy got that last night when you stayed at Grandma’s house.”

He seemed to understand.

“That’s called an ‘Emmy’,” I continued. “It’s got a ball, and a lady and wings…”

“…and a monkey,” he added.

A monkey?!

My explanation stalled, “well… there’s a lady and…”

…and I took a step back.

I got down on one knee and saw what he saw, in the context of what his world.

He’s two. He eats, he plays.

Heck, that’s what I do too.

We mostly play cars but sometimes we have one of his toy monkeys “throw” the ball to him.

No disrespect to the lovely lady (Mrs. Louis McManus) who is the model for this famous figurine but, compare and see for yourself.

Not so different after all.

It was a great reminder for me that though we can sometimes get caught up in awards and accolades, those aren’t necessarily the important things in life.

For my son, the important things are cars and monkeys.

For me it’s the boy who loves cars and monkeys, so I’m darned proud of my Monkey Awards!

Gas prices are soaring so cars may not be so high on the wishlist these days but, to quote the musical group Barenaked Ladies, “Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?”

Mike Inouye
aka “Monkey No Way”
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


4 Responses to “The Monkey Award”

  1. Abe's Mom Says:

    Mike, you crack me up every morning! Too bad the shout outs ended, cuz i would have loved to do a shout out. Your monkey looks just like my monkey, no joke. Mine’s name is Abe, and he has a brother named Gabe (who is a panda). What’s your monkey’s name?

  2. Mike Inouye Says:

    Hey “Abe’s Mom”!

    The monkey is my son’s and he’s just shy of two and a half so his naming technique is as follows…

    It’s a monkey so his name is “monkey”. However, when compared to “little monkey”, this guy is “big monkey”. Sorry. 😉

    Thanks for the kind words and for waking up with us every morning. The morning shout out is not a texting thing anymore but you know you can always write to me and I’ll do what I can.

  3. MARGAUX Says:

    That is the cutest story!! I love toddlers, funny… how kids see things!!
    Too cute!!

  4. Mike Inouye Says:

    The world thru our little fella’s eyes is truly a journey in discovery. We look forward to every nugget each day brings, both good and otherwise, and to yet another perspective as our second baby’s birth approaches. The journey continues. 😀

    Thanks for the note, Margaux!

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