Microclimate Musings


Mike InouyeLast week was hot. I don’t have all of Craig’s computers, modeling, radar and reporting stations but the sweat on my brow (and pretty much everywhere else) was enough to confirm the higher temps on my drive home. Of course, being on the morning news we have the unusual commute times of “no sun” on the way in and “full sun” on the way out.

Well, returning home in “full sun” (about 96 degrees on the dash readout) I discovered my air conditioning was fairing only slightly better than just driving with the windows down. I immediately called the service department and scheduled some time with them. As I sat waiting in the service arear, the mind wandered more freely…

Sidebar: On the topic of air conditioning (A/C) vs. windows down
With regard to fuel consumption, this subject is still open for debate. Some say the windows open cause more drag and ends up consuming more fuel than if you used A/C with windows up. Others beg to differ. Why do we care?

Have you been keeping up on Scott “Pump Daddy” McGrew’s reports on gas and oil prices?!? You can also check the numbers on my Traffic page.

Nuff said.

I even found a financial website that touched on the hot point issue; see here or here.

Not a lot of conclusive data on this topic. Not even from the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE). Their doc is also pretty effectively paraphrased here.

Even one of my all time favorite shows has tackled this topic… a shout out to our Bay Area brethren the Mythbusters.

Side-sidebar: If I say, “Packard” many in the Silicon Valley think I’m leaving out the “Hewlett.” Not when thoughts turn to “cool” cars.

The 1940 model year for the Packard debuted at the 40th National Automobile Show in Chicago, IL. This was the first offering of “climate control” for the automobile. Check out this beautiful example in “Jay Leno’s Garage” or do a quick search.

Meanwhile, back at my much less spacious or well stocked garage, my cabin is cooling again. Fortunately, the experience did not go without provoking sufficient thought as to shake enough loose for a blog.

Then again, maybe it was just the heat.

Mike-ro-climate Inouye
NBC11 Traffic (& Interior Weather)


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