Feeling the Pressure


Brent CannonI am feeling the pressure. As the spouse of a commencement day speaker – what is my roll? How do I act? Laura is the speaker at St. Mary’s College graduation ceremony this weekend. So, what do I do? When they call her up, do I stand and pump my fist and go “Wooo Wooo Wooo!” Do I yell, “Ya, baby! You go girl!” Do I sit there and clap like a golf gallery on the 14th hole? When she finishes, do I stand up and say “Dat’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

And what about people watching me during the whole thing? Let’s say it goes a little long, and let’s say it’s a little hot – and I start dozing off? Speaking of hot – can I wear a hat? Should it be my favorite baseball hat? I have a cowboy hat, but I don’t think that goes with a suit. I assume I have to wear a suit. What if I bring an umbrella? I have a giant, black and gold Colorado Buffalo umbrella. Is that wrong to bring to the St. Mary’s graduation?

This is a rare and proud moment for Laura. Can I play paparazzi and run around taking pictures – getting good angles and shots? Or do I have to just sit there?

What if one of Laura’s “funny” lines isn’t that funny? Do I belt out a supportive laugh? What if I let go a boisterous laugh and mine is the only voice you hear? That would be embarrassing for me, but is it worse for the joke to fall flat and be embarrassing for Laura?

Yes – this is going to be a pressure packed weekend for Laura – and for me

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


2 Responses to “Feeling the Pressure”

  1. Christina Says:

    You’ll be fine. You’ll be there for Laura, and I’m sure you will and are so proud of her. I say, take pictures. Why not? Have fun this weekend.

  2. Lauern Rabaino Says:

    I love how much you support her. I’m sure you did well.

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