Final Preps


Editor’s Note: Craig sent this post in Saturday evening, just hours before the ride started Sunday morning.

Craig HerreraWhew, we made it through orientation with no problems, and no backing out now! Our bikes are at the Cow Palace, I have attached #3395 (my rider number) to my bike and now all I need is a good night’s sleep, a great meal and some quality time with my dogs before we ride Sunday!

We, Herrera’s Hooligans, also made so many new friends and met up with some old friends from the AIDS/LifeCycle last year. The morning started with a cup a coffee and a trip from the South Bay to Daly City with our bikes up on car racks. Ironic, those bikes we are carrying on those racks and on the road will soon be our wheels on the road to Los Angeles… for about 545 miles in seven days!
We arrived at the Cow Palace at 9:00AM, and waited in line to watch a safety video, get our tent assignments, check in our bikes and have fun while trying to avoid the fact that the butterflies are in our bellies. The excitement is now building and you can sense the energy in the air and the anticipation!!! And we always think about the reason we are doing this ride… to help those living with HIV and AIDS, to continue the education about this terrible disease, to remember those who have died from AIDS and hopefully to make a difference.

With orientation now out of the way, let the journey begin! I’m at home typing this blog and I will be writing blogs all week long. I’ll share some amazing stories with you about my experiences, the Hooligans’ experiences and so many other riders and roadies (volunteers) as to why they are riding. I hope you’ll stay tuned and follow in this journey with me.

My dear friend from work, Pandy, will keep a slide show going for you, Rob Mayeda and John Farley will help with weather duties while I am gone, my executive producer John will post all of my blogs and the incredible team at my second home, NBC11, will also help me get these messages and pictures to you along the way!

And now it’s time to get some zzzz’s and get ready for day one of the ride! And oh by the way, day one is about 99 miles from the Cow Palace in Daly City to Santa Cruz! Our journey will lead us down the peninsula to Hwy. 92, yes, we go up and UP Hwy. 92, along Skyline Blvd. and over to San Gregorio for lunch. The first camp site is Santa Cruz! I can’t wait to get a hot shower, a warm meal and a long sleep, even if it is in a tent! 🙂

From Herrera’s Hooligans (Mitch, Julie, Jean, Gary, Paul and myself), thank you for your thoughts and support!

Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist


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