Mike Check. 1, 2, 3…


Mike InouyeMy name is “Mike.”

Well, legally my name is “Michael” but I’ve gone by “Mike” for quite some time.

In Mrs. Lowe’s first grade class at Frank L. Huff Elementary School in Mtn. View I shared the class with two other “Mikes.” Mrs. Lowe is still teaching at the school (Hi, Mrs. Lowe!) and I’m still sharing the day with two other “Mikes.”

It’s important to note that while we only have five people who are regularly seen on the air from our studio (the other reporters are usually at remote locations) we have a number of colleagues who are getting the shows written, edited, produced and on the air. Amongst those many are two other guys with whom I share a given name. So, in total, there were three Mikes in the studio last week. Oh, and in my former role here at the station I worked in a two-man department where the only other guy was also named Mike. Go figure.

An interesting side note: When people can’t remember my name I am most often mistaken for a “Steve”. I don’t know why. I guess I look like a “Steve.”

Go into any restaurant, or a theater before the show, and yell “Hey Mike!” You should have just enough time to do a quick head count of those who thought you were calling them, before you’re escorted out by management. I’d wager you’d count a handful.

When checking the Social Security Administration website you can see that “Michael” was the second most popular male name for 2007. In fact, in the last fifty years it hasn’t been lower than second place according to those records. I guess my chances of continuing to work with another “Mike” aren’t getting any slimmer. Not that I mind but if I don’t happen to answer you the first time you call my name, please understand that I’m blocking out many of the “Hey Mikes” I hear out of necessity.

Of course that reasoning doesn’t fly so well when it’s just me and my wife in the room and the TV is on…

Separate discussion. 😉

Mike-of-Three Inouye
… or Steve.
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


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