Day Three: 66 Miles


Craig HerreraDay three down, I can’t believe only four more days left on this journey. Well, after I inhaled my breakfast this morning, we hit the road and what a sunny day it was. Today was easier as we only went 66 miles.

Here is a breakdown.

After rest stop one we hit “quad buster hill.” The anticipation from some of the riders was making me nervous. I think most of the people making me nervous were from Southern California. I heard comments like “remember, just go slow and stop if you have to stop and walk” and “this hill is going to take the energy right out of you.” Then one of those nervous riders told a team member of Herrera’s Hooligans “oh, this hill should be nothing for you if you’re from the Bay Area because you’re familiar with hills like this.” I thought that was great.
The hill was a bit tough! We climbed from about 250 feet to 1500 feet in about 1.3 miles. But it was all downhill from there, kind of. 🙂 Our stop for lunch in Bradley was inspiring. The school (K – 8th grade) hosted a BBQ and the money raised supports the extra-curricular activies for one year. It’s great to see the children are educated about this disease. They can understand HIV and AIDS affects people of all ages, sexes, backgrounds, sexual-orienation, religion… It discrimates against no one.

The highlight of my day, besides a hot shower and eating all day, was a letter each rider received when riding into camp here in Paso Robles. Each letter was hand written and my letter from a student at Menlo Park Elementary reads as follows…

“Dear Rider, I am so proud of you doing this biking trip just to make a difference. And I think that you should never quit and keep trying because I know you can do it. You can do it, Isabel”.

Wow, how amazing is that?

Another letter read “dear rider, you are doing a great job. My teacher is on the ride and she says it gets windy at night so be sure to use your bicycle spokes to tie down your tent”.

Great advice! Ahaha! That is great, amazing and cute!

Thank you Isabel for the letter, thank you to the town of Bradley for lunch and to all the students from Menlo Park who wrote those letters to each rider!

I hope my tent stays in place tonight and I will never quit as long as I can ride. And Wednesday we will ride again! Our route will take us 97 miles to Santa Maria. I think it will be physically and challenging, BUT we will hit the half way point Wednesday.

I hear we will tackle something called “the evil twins hills” Wednesday somewhere along the 97.7 miles from Mid State Fairgrounds in Paso Robles to Preisker Park in Santa Maria, wish us luck!

Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist


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