Day Two: 108 Miles


Craig HerreraDay two down, five more to go. And I have to say I am very excited the longest day is now behind us. Monday, we woke up in tents in Santa Cruz, we road 108 miles to King City on a route that took us through beautiful hills, bountiful farmlands and thriving vineyards. And we all made it safely and the Hooligans had quite an amazing trip. Oh wait, let me clarify something, only Paul and I slept in tents while Mitch, Julie, Jean and Gary slept in nice beds in a nice hotel. Yup, they are doing what is called “The Princess Tour” because they book their own hotels along the way! Can you believe that? Maybe I’m just jealous. Haha! Actually I love the tents and “tent city” because I get to meet so many people. Although I have to say I am over the port-a-potties and I do miss my bathroom, bathtub and my dogs.

It’s amazing how many thoughts and memories enter your mind while riding. Even when you have 25 mile per hour crosswinds and you have to lean into the wind to stay on my bike. That was the toughest part of the day. Yup, it was a windy day but most of the time the wind was at our backs so I was able to coast for a bit. I should say the wind was a headwind, that would be more impressive right? What is impressive is the people in this ride. I passed a man who said he was going to be 82 years old in a few weeks. I also had a first. I saw a girl who is riding a unicycle on this ride. It is unbelievable! And I saw three people on one bike! Yes, step aside Daisy, this bicycle is not made for two, but instead for three. It was amazing! I didn’t get to take a picture of the bike but I will try so I can share that with you. I also heard about one guy who is 19 years old and now on his second ALC ride, and he is riding with ONE gear! That means he only has one gear for the hills, one gear for the flat road and one gear for the downhills. I go through 21 or so gears within a few miles depending on the terrain so for him to be doing it with one gear is nuts. I mean couragous. Apparently, he is just looking for a challenge this year, ah, to be 19 again! Ahaha, nah, I’ll just listen to his story when I meet him.

Tuesday will be a great ride. The route is 10 miles shorter than last year, so it will only be about 65 miles! Whoo who! On day one we had a new route that was 10 miles shorter than last year and Tuesday we we will ride 10 miles less than last year, so I am very excited. Wish us luck and stay tuned for more to come.

Thank you for your support.

Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist


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