Day Four: Part II


Craig HerreraI forgot to share a few more amazing experiences with you. I was at dinner with the Hooligans tonight, and we were recapping our day and so many more memorable experiences came to mind.

The first being one of the most important. Today at lunch we met a young man, about 22 years old. He was holding a sign thanking each of us for riding. I stopped to thank him for coming out to support us. As it turns out he is a prime reason we ride, he is HIV-Positive.

He relies on part of the $11.6 million money raised on this ride to help pay for the medication which run him about $2000 a month. He is healthy and looks great, and his attitude and outlook on life is positive. I gave him a good and tight hug and walked back to my bike to ride the last 50 miles of the day. I know he will be okay and I will continue to ride until HIV/AIDS is gone. It is critical to remember and educate others that this disease is completely preventable. That is why is so special to see elementary school kids out on the sidewalks cheering us on, supporting the riders and learning about this disease.

The second fond memory I will hold from today involves food, a cinnamon roll to be exact. We stopped in Pismo Beach at a local cinnamon roll shop for the best-tasting cinnamon ever! I suppose it could be that we were 68 miles into ride, but I don’t think that was the case! YUM! It was 2 inches high, warm, smothered with cream cheese on top and it just melted in my mouth. And just for the record, I don’t usually like cinnamon rolls, but WOW, Yum!

And finally my friends, as I prepare to get a good nights sleep in my cozy tent (while it’s in the low 50s at night), I’ll leave you with this… If you ever decide to be a part of this experience, bring ear plugs! Ahaha! Last night, we were surrounded by frogs. Well, not frogs but it sure sounded like it! A chorus a frogs but it was just the people in the surrounding tents. The guy in the tent to the left was snoring and it sounded like the baritone frog, the guy in the tent behind was a tenor and from another tent came the bass, And once in awhile a squeaky alto chimed in. Haha!

So hooray to the conductor but I hope NOT to get another concert tonight… Wishful thinking!

Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist


2 Responses to “Day Four: Part II”

  1. Troy May Says:


    I’m reading your journey everyday. What a great story about the young man who is HIV positive. I’m thrilled to know people like him are healthy, but sad that people are still getting infected with this disease. There is a lot more work to be done so prevent future infections.

    Together, we will defeat this disease. Keep up the great work and bring back some of those awesome cinnamon rolls. Go Hooligans!

  2. Craig Says:

    Thanks so much for following the blog! It was quite the experience and most memorable!
    We met some amazing people along the way!
    Your support means so much, thank you!

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