Day Five: Red Dress Day


Craig HerreraI have to start by pointing out the fact that I will never say we are “only going 42.5 miles” again! Those were a tough 42.5 miles!

The day was all fun and laughs until mile 20. That is when we hit 1.6 mile climb from about 200 feet to just under 1000 feet. But it doesn’t end with that “hill.” At about mile 23 we climbed from 250 feet to just under 1000 feet in 1.4 miles. I think those two hills plus quite a few other small hills really wore me out today. I’m not sore but I am ready for a nice meal and a hot shower. Have I mentioned how much I love the hot shower. It is worth every minute waiting in line, all 45 minutes! Haha!

Today, was by far the most fun of all! It’s what is called “red dress day” and every person, with a few exceptions, wears a red outfit. It’s like the great San Francisco show “Beach Blanket Babylon” on two bicycle wheels. I’m not kidding. And oh by the way, I had my first flat ever on a bike today. I ran over a nail and it was all over but it was a quick fix and I was on my way with the Hooligans. I think we looked great in our red “costumes.” Haha! When in Rome right! I’ll post more pictures on our slide show once I get back to the Bay Area next week. My phone is not transmitting a lot of the pictures so I’ll post the photos from my regular camera when I get back to work next week.

For now the watercooler conversation is all about those hills today. My question is why don’t the hills today have names like the “Evil Twins” or “Quadbuster” from the days before today? I think they should have names like “Mt. OMG” and “OMG Mountain.”

And another question I have is why do my jeans fit the same? I was hoping I would need a belt by now but it is just not the case! Maybe I should go easy on the peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches made between two graham crackers. They are the best treats at every rest stop and all I have to say is I’m so happy I can’t find these at Safeway.

Tomorrow will be great and I am looking forward the ice cream stop in Santa Barbara… Oh wait, no wonder my jeans fit the same, peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, ice-cream, and oh yeah, cheesecake or pie for dessert after every dinner. Tomorrow will be great as we travel 87.7 miles through the beautiful city of Santa Barbara and on to wonderful Ventura.

I’ll leave you now as I sit to have dinner and we are surrounded by dozens of alums from USC who are screaming their fight song near dozens of alums from Cal who proudly chant for their Bears. This is great!

Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist


2 Responses to “Day Five: Red Dress Day”

  1. michelle lim Says:

    You ROCK! and all the others who have dedicated themselves to ride for a good cause! I’m enjoying reading all your blogs! Can’t wait for you to come back…they’ll be a large yummy cupcake waiting for you!
    Take Care! and GO Herrera’s Hooligans!!!

  2. Craig Says:

    THANKS Michelle!
    No YOU Rock! Your support means so much and I thank you Michelle!
    Friends forever!

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