I See Yellow!


Craig HerreraPerhaps you’ve seen the yellow clothing or yellow wristbands, all with the words “Live Strong.” Many of you know it’s part of the inspirational story of World Cycling Champ Lance Armstong. The Live Strong Challenge is brought to you by the Lance Armstrong Foundation and now you can be an active part of it. The Live Strong Challenge is coming to the Bay Area for the first time on July 13th, 2008!

The Live Strong Challenge gives all people a chance to run or ride a bicycle and fight cancer for the nearly 12 million Americans living with some form of cancer. You don’t have to be an expert cyclist or in the best shape, but simply healthy enough to walk, run or ride your bike.

NBC11 is a proud sponsor of this event and if you would like to join my team of 11, please submit a comment below. I will pick a team by Thursday 6/12/08.

You can pick the distance you want to ride, either 10, 50, 65 or 100 miles.

And if you just want information about the event or to register on your own, you can find more information on the courses/routes, registration fees, etc. here: http://www.livestrongchallenge.org/site/c.frKPI1PAIoE/b.3935377/

You can also get volunteer information on that web site, and information on where you can see the runners/riders. I hope to see you there either walking, running, cycling or on the sidelines.


Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist

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